What you are searching for?

(Eg: Car, Mobile, Table, etc..)

How to Sell

  1. Search our website for the wanted advertisement of the product you want to sell. If you find the advertiser who is interested to buy the product your have in given advertisement, contact that person through phone or email or by other means which the advertiser has mentioned to be contacted.

  2. Always keep your safety in mind before meeting the advertiser; always try to meet in a safe public place at safe time (day time).

  3. Before selling anything be sure about making commitments about the quality, warranty, terms of payment etc in mind. Make as much enquiry as you feel is necessary before the final deal.

  4. In case of any doubt donít go ahead with the deal.

  5. If the product you want to sell is not available in the wanted advertisements at the location you are at then you can post an offering advertisement on our website for the sale of your product that you have, so that those who may be interested in your product may contact you.