How to Hang a Pendant Lamp

pendant lamp distance from table

With more homes having open kitchens and dining rooms, the pendant lamp has become a key component to setting a mood or creating a focal point over a table. However, when choosing a pendant, there are many things to consider including the size and design of the fixture, how high it should hang from the ceiling and how much space there is between each light. The aim is to achieve a balanced, pleasing look that doesn’t feel too crowded or too sparse.

In general, pendants are recommended to be about 30 to 36 inches above the lower surface (in this case, the table). This helps prevent people from bumping their heads on the fixture if they’re sitting at the table or standing in the room. For higher ceilings, this may need to be adjusted slightly to provide enough clearance for taller people in the room, but it’s a good place to start when deciding how high a pendant should be hung.

The number of lights you hang will also influence how much space there is between each one, and this is something that can be a bit trickier to determine. If you’re looking to install an even number of pendants, the first one should be installed over the center of the table using the distance determined above as a guide. Then you can measure out evenly on either side of the table to find the installation locations of the remaining pendants.

If you’re hanging an odd number of pendants, the same formula should be used to determine how far apart each one should be. For example, if you have a ten-foot table and are installing three pendants, simply use the formula ten divided by four to find out how wide each gap should be. Then, install the first pendant over the middle of the table, and then divide this number by two to determine the location for the other pendants (i.e., one foot on each side of the table).

There is a common belief that pendants should only be placed within a certain range of sizes. However, this is not always true and it really depends on the style of your pendants as well as the overall look you’re going for. Larger pendants tend to have more of a statement quality, while smaller ones can be subtler and less noticeable.

Another thing to keep in mind when determining the size of your pendants is the length of the table or counter you’re planning on lighting. You’ll want to make sure that your pendants aren’t so long that they’re in the way of people socializing at the table or bumping their heads into them when they’re walking around.

Whatever size or number of pendants you choose, it’s important to test out different designs and styles to see what looks best in your space before making any final decisions. At Del Mar Fans & Lighting, we’re on top of the latest trends and can help you select the perfect light for your home. Shop our collection of pendants to find the right fit!

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