Shop Furniture Direct From Your Favorite Brands

furniture direct

Shop the best furniture direct from our favorite brands. Cut out the middleman and get exceptional pricing straight from the manufacturer. From sofas and coffee tables to beds and accent chairs, these direct-to-consumer furniture companies offer something for every room in the house.

Some of the more established direct-to-consumer brands offer a wide range of pieces from living room seating to bedroom furniture, while others focus on one type of design or material. Most of these companies also offer the opportunity to customize your purchase through fabric choices, leg length options, and other features. And, with a few select ones offering in-home trial periods, shopping for your new favorite couch or dining table has never been easier.

One of the more interesting DTC furniture brands on this list is Dims, which makes boutique-quality furniture crafted by hand in Northern California. While this company is relatively new compared to other options on this list, it has already established a reputation for itself through its high-quality craftsmanship and friendly customer service. Its website is easy to navigate and allows shoppers to select the exact dimensions of their new piece, ensuring that it will be a perfect fit for their home.

Another newer DTC furniture brand on this list is Floyd, which has been around for a few years and is gaining traction as a maker of stylish modern furniture with a timeless aesthetic. While its website is still a little clunky to use, it has the advantage of being easy on the eyes and provides all of the information that shoppers need to make a confident purchase. This company offers a wide variety of furniture, from sofas and chairs to cabinets and bed frames, all of which are shipped right to your door.

Lastly, Joybird is a well-established DTC furniture brand that has been around for decades and is known for its high-quality customization options. It has a number of brick and mortar showroom locations that you can visit in person, as well as an extensive online experience that gives customers the chance to choose from hundreds of different finishes for their pieces. Joybird also partners with the organization One Tree Planted, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability.

DTC furniture retailers offer a variety of advantages for consumers, including lower overhead costs and competitive pricing. In addition, many of them provide in-home trials and free shipping for their products to ensure that the pieces are a good fit for your space. If you are considering purchasing furniture from one of these companies, keep in mind that most of them release their new lines in the spring and fall, and often run sales around certain holidays.

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